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Formed in 1965, the Grateful Dead became a cultural institution that has spanned over half a century. Fusing rock and roll, folk, and jazz with avant-garde, visual, and literary traditions – they became one of the most popular, enduring, and influential bands in American history.

A world of color – THE OUTER PACKAGING

The box packaging is printed using antique letterpress machines dating back to the 1960’s – with six layers of vibrant color, embossed for a unique tactile sensation. The front face features the skull & roses at center, with custom composition surrounding.

The back design AND THE ACES

Featuring the unmistakable steal your face logo in the middle, the back design encapsulates iconic imagery that Dead Heads have come to know and love over many decades. The terrapins play their tune, and the dancing bears swing to every note. The Aces also feature stunning full-art design, complete with logos and mascots that are cemented in the band’s history.

A court of colors – JACKS, QUEENS AND KINGS

The court cards are simply jaw-dropping. Continuing the use of iconic logos and mascots – bears, terrapins, and skeletons are prominently featured in vibrant detail. Every inch of the deck is fully custom, including the font style and design of each individual suit.

Printed using hemp-fiber paper. Every aspect of the cards is 100% made in America, using FSC-certified paper infused with hemp fibers on the tuck case packaging. The cards are safely sealed within, with an ivory matte sticker seal featuring the Stealie skull.

Product Overview

  • Single deck of Theory11 Grateful Dead playing cards
  • Unique iconic design
  • Embossed box
  • Printed on hemp fiber paper
  • Poker sized (3.5″ x 2.5″)
  • Elite cardistry brand Theory 11
  • Stunning design, ideal gift

Ordering Information

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